SONG TITLE: "Everything And More"

PERFORMING ARTIST: Andrew Austin ft. Willa

SONGWRITERS: Andrew Austin & Ryan Kondrat

RELEASE DATE: Friday August 3rd 2018

RECORD LABEL: Independent (Andrew Austin Canada©)


Looking up above the sky at night

We were swirling in the satellite

You were everything to me then


And when we come back down right

Will the fears come back to light

Will you be everything to me then?


And when we throw our hands up

And take our chances 

Who wouldn't want more now?


More air wider wings more freedom for the things

More time more fun more dancing in the sun

More me more you more what  we wanna do

More you more me more what we wanna be 


We can make more 


And now I’m in a free fall 

Go on hit me like a cannonball

Leave  me hanging on your every word (again)


 From your lips so innocent 

(Carving our) initials in the wet cement 

If you’re everything to me then


Why don’t we throw our hands up

And take our chances 

Don’t you want more now


More love, less sleep, more promises to keep,  

No ground beneath our feet, give me something to believe

In me and you and what we wanna do

All of you all of me and where we wanna be and 



We can make More


Looking up above the sky tonight

If you're staring at the same light

Well you're everything to me and... Everything and More

We can make more